The Enlightened Of Mount Nessa

PC Background

The beginning

The PCs are young and this is their first service in the Defense Guard. They are on watch during the MidWinter Festival ( read four day breeding orgy ). As their hormones are still at peak power, the chemical Guard treatment has not fully diminished their sex drive. They pull straws and Tiernan is left alone on guard duty while the others sneak into the ritual for some First Night fun.

The PCs leave the festival during an early morning lull so as not to be noticed. When they return to the upside, poor Tiernan’s body is lying on the ground. His body is a pale pasty white and appears to be dessicated. There is a large circular puncture wound on his neck.

The area is covered with several sets of elongated bipedal footprints and other insectoid ones. They stare in horror as the footprints seem to head in the direction of the Birthing Temple. There also seem to be sets of returning footprints that are a little deeper, as if carrying something heavy. When the PCs investigate the Birthing Temple, they notice that the GE ( Gee ) is missing. The GE is the primary component used during the Birthing ritual and is responsible for the high mutation rate. It is the reason The Enlightened community can survive in this world of violence and savagery.

If the GE is gone, the enclave will not survive. If the rest of The Enlightened find out that the theft occurred due to the irresponsibility of the PCs, then they will be exiled at best. The only acceptable choice is to find and retrieve the GE and bring it back before the Birthing Ritual at the end of the festival.



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